Flexibility Matters

I like to be in bed by midnight and up by seven. I prefer meetings in the morning and quiet, focused work in the afternoon. I like bigger lunches and smaller dinners. If I could have it my way, this is the way I would have it. Luckily, sometimes I’m forced to be flexible.

Flexibility isn’t a talent; it’s a skill. Teaching yourself to stay nimble is one of those annoying lessons in personal growth that can reap hefty dividends.

Today’s modern organization moves quickly, often reorganizing and shifting at the drop of a hat. Flexibility matters.

An entrepreneur will dream up one idea only to wake up six months later and find it has morphed into something better. Flexibility matters.

The leader will manage a team of highly unique individuals with a vast array of personality types. Flexibility matters.

Staying true to your core values and maintaining the heart of your mission is paramount, but so is stepping away from the campsite and exploring new turf. Even if it’s just for a day.

Sometimes it’s good to stay up late and sleep until 11. Taking meetings in the afternoon won’t ruin your workflow. Big dinners can lead to big conversations.

Flexibility matters.

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